Unintended Pregnancy Guidance

Unplanned Pregnancy Guidance in South Texas

The Pregnancy Center of the Coastal Bend offers professional and confidential unplanned pregnancy services in South Texas. Our experienced and licensed medical personnel provide free medical services. For assistance, please text us at +19179655067.

Suspect you might be pregnant? We provide complimentary, high-quality pregnancy tests administered by medical professionals. Should your test confirm a positive result, our center offers limited obstetric ultrasounds* to provide you with valuable insights into your pregnancy and explore your available options.

*restrictions may apply

abortion consultation

If you reside in Texas and find yourself uncertain about the new abortion laws and unsure about your next steps, our team of medical professionals is here to support you. We understand the time sensitivity of your situation and strive to provide timely assistance. Our experts can address your questions, guide you through your options, and potentially arrange an appointment for you as early as today.


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